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Eco-Friendly Produce Trays

In today's food marketplace, consumers are seeking and retailers are demanding products that are thoughtfully packaged to minimize impacts on the environment. Companies that embrace the new packaging objectives of reduce, reuse and recycle are winning the favor of environmentally conscious consumers. At Continental Plastics & Packaging, Inc. we are meeting these demands by manufacturing plastic packaging with breakthrough bio-resins made from the starches in tapioca, corn, wheat and potatoes.

Continental's Produce Trays are the best choice for
environmentally sound produce packaging.

For more than 40 years, leading produce retailers have insisted on our Produce Tray for its many performance features, which include:
  • lightweight design - vented walls eliminate material, reduce weight and improve breathability;
  • visual appeal - presentation is organized and tomatoes can be inspected on all sides;
  • increased shelf life - with clear overwrap, sanitary protection is improved and spoilage is reduced;
  • multiple styles and sizes - we offer 14 tray styles to satisfy
    retailer requirements;
  • excellent value - trays meet the value needs of the
    packaged produce industry;
  • trays are degradable and compostable;
  • clear film overwrap can be made from eco-friendly,
    corn-based plastics.
Produce Trays made from recyclable polystyrene are still available
from Continental Plastics & Packaging. The bio-plastics product
line is a new addition to our standard product line.
Manufacturers of Plastic Packaging for the Food Industry